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C++ Arrays

Arrays are built-in containers and do not require any library or template for initialization. Among other things, the main difference between vectors and arrays is that arrays cannot be extended. Once their size is defined, Read more…


C++ String, Char, and Switch

I have been going through the book C++ primer and have decided to write about exercises that I found difficult. I will be explaining the solutions to these exercises in brief so that you can Read more…


Pointers in C++

Pointers in C++ Pointers are a difficult concept to master in C++. With this article, I intend to share with you some basics of pointers in C++. You can find an introduction to address-of operator, Read more…


Chinese Remainder Theorem

Chinese Remainder Theorem can be used for finding remainders when the denominator is large. It enables you to simplify the entire operation and find remainder ASAP.


WTF are Objects?

Simple! They are an extension of actual real world objects. Objects are used for recreating and using real world objects in JS. You should use objects when dealing with data related to people, things, and Read more…


Mongoose in Wonderland!

First of all, it is important to establish a connection with the MongoDB database through Mongoose. Mongoose makes this quite easy. You can use the following snippet to easily connect to a local database. [crayon-5bc97fd2d43cf560812509/] Read more…